The Nemo is a performance orientated “Adventure Racing” style sea kayak, a competition ready kayak designed to fit the USCA & USACK regulations. This design is optimised to be the fastest in class and remain a serious open water kayak, suitable for both open water touring and recreational racing.

The rounded hull sections with slight V and symmetrical waterlines reduce hull drag to a minimum.

The Nemo has sufficient directional stability to be paddled without a rudder, however for optimum performance a “Smart Track” rudder is fitted as standard.

A fully adjustable seat and footrest position on quick adjuster sliders allows the kayak to be trimmed to suit the individual paddler.

Fitted with ski style foot pedals and bucket racing style seat. Two seat sizes available and interchangeable between kayaks.

The Nemo is fitted with bulkheads, a two hatch deck layout, recessed deck fittings, bungees and deck-lines.

The Nemo is available in two sizes to suit a range of paddler size and weight and is also available as a double, the Nemo 21 K2.

Nemo | Nemo L | Nemo 21 K2

Designer: Rob Feloy
Construction types: Club, Performance, Elite
Length: 547 cm - 17' 11"
Beam: 547 mm - 1' 9.5"
Depth: 300 mm - 1' 1"
Paddler weight range: 75 - 110 kg
Max load 130kg
Compartment volumes: Aft: 110 lts - Forward: 80 lts
Hatches: Round: 200mm - Oval: 460 mm x 340 mm
Cockpit Size: 815 mm x 450 mm (internal)
Height under cockpit: 300 mm


Colour Options

Orange & White
Blue & White