The Finisterre is a modern UK style sea kayak, available in two sizes to fit a range of paddlers.

The design emphasis is for a playful, rough water sea kayak, manoeuvrable with good stability and seaworthiness. More of a “day boat” than “expedition kayak” but with ample carrying capacity.

The novice will find the “Finisterre” stable and predictable to allow them to hone their skills, the experienced paddler will enjoy the performance and manoeuvrability. The Finisterre is an easy kayak to edge turn, predictable in surf and happy rock hopping or playing in tide races.

The "fish form” hull has a flat mid section with hard chines and a lot of rocker. An adjustable skeg is fitted as standard allowing the Finisterre to be neutrally trimmed in cross wind conditions.

The high foredeck and key hole cockpit with adjustable seat and thigh braces gives a comfortable paddling position.

A three bulkhead, four hatch lay out using “KajakSport” hatches including aft day hatch, plus two large oval storage hatches gives you plenty of dry stowage.

The “day box” easily reached forward of the cockpit for convenient and secure stowage of radio, phone, keys etc. Ample deck lines and bungees for storage of spare paddles and gear. Comfortable carry handles fore and aft.

Finisterre 16 | Finisterre 17 

Designer: Rob Feloy
Construction types: Club Heavy Duty, Performance Heavy Duty
Length: 516 cm - 16' 11"
Beam: 585 mm - 1' 11"
Depth: 400 mm - 1' 4"
Paddler weight range: 70 - 110 kg
Max load: 125 kg
Compartment volumes: Aft: 63lts - Forward: 78 lts - Middle: 38 lts - Day box: 4.5 lts
Hatches: Round: 150 mm - Oval: 2 x 440 mm x 260 mm
Cockpit Size: 820 mm x 410 mm (internal)
Height under cockpit: 325 mm


Colour Options

White & Green
White & Black
Yellow & Green
Grey & Red