The Canaveral is aimed at recreational paddlers wanting a day or week-ender kayak. The design is aimed at effortless sheltered water paddling but the stability and hull form is fully capable of coping with moderate wind & waves in open water conditions.

The shorter length and light weight of the kayak also help with off water transport / storage.

The rounded hull sections have a slight V, waterlines are fuller forward of the classic “fish form”, the keel line is well rockered. This is a low resistance hull form giving a good turn of speed for the length of kayak, easily capable of keeping pace with longer sea kayaks. The deep bow is dry in up-wind conditions and the Canaveral is fast and nimble in down-wind conditions.

The Canaveral is easily manoeuvrable but has sufficient directional stability to be paddled without a rudder, however for optimum performance a “Smart Track” rudder is fitted as standard.

The Canaveral range of recreational kayaks come in 3 sizes to suit varying paddler weights and sizes from an older child / teenager to a larger paddler up to 110kg for the Canaveral 15L.

Canaveral 13 | Canaveral 15 | Canaveral 15L

Designer: Rob Feloy
Construction types: Club, Performance, Elite
Length: 450 cm - 14' 9"
Beam: 559 mm - 1' 10"
Depth: 300 mm - 1'
Paddler weight range: 40 - 75 kg
Max load 100kg
Compartment volumes: Aft: 80lts - Forward: 65 lts
Hatches: Round: 200mm - Oval: 460 mm x 340 mm
Cockpit Size: 815 mm x 420 mm (internal)
Height under cockpit: 260 mm


Colour Options

Red & Grey
Blue & Red
Grey & Yellow
Green & Black
Yellow & Blue